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Meet Amanda

I’d always suspected I’d have twins. My dad is a twin, and they say it skips a generation. I didn’t know if I really believed that, but I thought having twins would be wonderful.
Even though I’d spent years thinking I might have twins, my husband and I were nonetheless shocked to find out at our first ultrasound at twelve weeks that we really were expecting identical twins! We knew it would be a lot to handle, but it didn’t take long for our anxiety to turn to excitement.
Our hearts shattered at 26 weeks when we found out Baby B had passed away due to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.
I carried both babies for another eleven weeks, and on October 2nd, 2015, I experienced the best and worst day of my life, with the birth of our firstborn, Thomas, followed just two minutes later by the stillbirth of his brother, William. When one of your twins dies, the pain isn’t lessened by having the other twin surviving. We lost an entire lifetime, not half of one.
I’ve spent the past five years with the mission of honouring William by working to help other mothers and families experiencing baby loss. I am thrilled to join Twinkle Star and provide love and support to those who have experienced this devastating loss.

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