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Meet our Treasurer: Denis 


I lost my baby girl, Izabelle Katherine, on August 4, 2018, stillborn at 32 weeks. My wife and I spent a few hours with her and our close family and we were able to create memories that mean more and more as time passes.  


I lost a large piece of who I thought we were for the months leading to that day and I also gained things that I would have never imagined. I now know what makes the little things so magical and I know the true value of love, friends and family. I also know what it means to have a child, despite not having her with me every day since, I am a dad. My baby girl is real. My baby girl exists and the hardest part of not bringing her home in a car seat but rather in an urn is that in many ways my idea of family stopped growing that day.  


It took months for me to really start taking my first steps without her. Even today, she never leaves my thoughts.  I am part of Twinkle Star Project because it is time that everyone who has a child, living or dead be allowed to have supports. Our daughter is no less important or real than that baby next door to us. I am a father. I am a dad. I hope that with sharing my story; but mostly sharing Izzy with the world, I hope we can help other parents facing perinatal loss.  

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