The Twinkle Star Project Inc.’s vision and mission is to provide, coordinate access to, and/or create awareness with respect to a range of supportive services, resources, and commemorative items to families who are grieving perinatal loss(es).


The Twinkle Star Project was created in memory of Baby Sebastian, who was born still to his mother, Jennifer Lea, in December of 2016. Leaving the hospital with empty arms and a broken heart, Jen knew she’d find a way to transform her love for Seb into a project that would both give back to the community and help raise pregnancy loss awareness.


Since the creation of the Twinkle Star Project in the Spring of 2017, our volunteer-run team has grown to include nine individuals, each of whom provides their own invaluable skill-set and personal motivation for getting involved.


Thank you for your support and outpouring of love. Together we can make a difference in the lives of perinatal loss families that will inevitably follow us.


Read more about our board members here:


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