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Twinkle Star Healing Bracelet

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This bracelet would make a perfect gift for a woman who has experienced perinatal loss and serve as another keepsake for a mother who will never forget her child. Proceeds from every sale will be used to help further support women and families on their journeys through perinatal loss.

This collaboration was designed by Regina artist Krista Marie, who brought together rhodonite, labradorite, and white jade to create a beautiful piece of jewellery for bereaved mothers to encounter love and healing.

Rhodonite is a loving, healing and calming stone that helps heal emotional wounds and brings love into ones life. It encourages the wearer to work with forgiveness and find inner balance.

Labradorite is a stone of light that helps the wearer find strength and guides the wearer through transformation with ease. It’s a stone that helps encourage the intuition (or heart) to lead the way!

White jade is a stone of peace and clarity that encourages the wearer to release and let go. It’s also a stone that helps deal with grief by providing a gentle calming and protective energy

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