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Meet Stephanie:

Before being thrown headfirst into the baby loss community, my husband, Darrien, and I were completely unaware of the size of it. Finding out in the height of the first Covid-19 wave that we were pregnant with our first child was beyond exciting! Thanks to Covid-19, our entire pregnancy looked different than a 'normal' pregnancy. And in December 2020, our world came crashing down. Our beautiful daughter, Lyra was stillborn at 36 weeks. Because of raising Covid-19 cases, our families weren't able to meet Lyra, but the hospital allowed both my mom and Darrien's mom to come meet their first grand baby.

Learning about the Twinkle Star Project honestly saved my life in those early days, weeks and months. Having the basket from Twinkle Star given to us in the hospital for Lyra and then later our Izzy Bear was a life saver. I wasn't able to go anywhere without her basket or bear. Lyra reminded me to look for the good in everyday, the sparkles, the sunsets and the rainbows and I really wanted to be able to share that with others; which is what inspired me to start Love Lyra, a small macrame business, as a way to say thank you and give back to Twinkle Star Project.
Early this year, Lyra watched over us as we welcomed her little sister, Briar, into the family!

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