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Zoë’s Stocking Fundraiser

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What started as one family’s way to get through the holiday season has now turned into an expression of love, courage, and hope for all families facing pregnancy and infant loss. 

Zoë, expected two weeks before Christmas, was set to complete a family fifteen years in the making. Instead, she came into the world not with a bang, but with a Momma’s whimper. Born still, six weeks before Christmas, Zoë’s legacy wouldn’t be what her family imagined. Instead, it would be a legacy of love- love to all bereaved families during the holiday season, to bring the smallest twinkle of light to women and families facing the loneliness of pregnancy loss during the holiday season. 





A message from Zoë’s Mom, Brooke; 

Christmas isn’t something taken lightly in our household, especially when it comes to stockings. Every Christmas Eve, Santa generously stuffs our hand-knit stockings full of goodies. These stockings are particularly special, as they were knit with love and tenderness by my beautiful grandmother, who past away a few months prior to Zoë’s birth. 


Last year, as the holiday season began, the thought of waking up to an empty stocking on Christmas morning was heartbreaking; More painful yet was the thought of not hanging Zoë’s stocking next to her sisters’ stockings. And so, our family made the decision to take the money we would have spent on goodies for her stocking and tuck it into her stocking, hoping to donate it to charity at the end of the holidays. 


Zoë’s big sisters also contributed by digging deep into their piggy banks and adding to the donation. Soon, my extended family and close friends caught wind of our gesture. On Christmas Eve, they stuffed more money than I could have imagined into her stocking, filling it up. 


Christmas morning, I found my sorrowful heart filled for a moment with joy.  


Every year the tradition carries on and all funds are now redirected to the Twinkle Star Project to provide resources and support to other families in the isolation that is perinatal loss. 


Please check out our store and/or considering donating to the Twinkle Star Project while reminding a family that they and their sweet baby has not been forgotten this holiday season, possibly providing them with the small glimmer of light they need to make it through the holidays. 

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