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Holiday Card - Christmas Tree

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A tastefully adorned Christmas tree illustrates the front of this card, with a star sitting atop it. The tree: an ever-present symbol of the holiday season; the star: a delicate reminder of a baby whose light shone and whose memory will never be forgotten.

Front message: Tidings of comfort

Inside Message: “In remembrance of ___(baby’s/babies’_name(s))___, ____(donor)___ has made a donation to Zoë’s Stocking, a fundraiser for Twinkle Star Project dedicated to preserving the memory of lost babies and providing support for their families. From the bereaved families of Twinkle Star Project, we hope those surrounding you this holiday season provide just the right amount of community and solitude you need. And may this card be a reminder that your little one is never forgotten.

Upon checking out, you will be asked to indicate the name of the baby(ies) being honoured as well as the name of the donor. These names will be handwritten in the card and will then be shipped directly to the bereaved family (please indicate their address in the shipping fields). If you would like the card shipped to you, please indicate the shipping and billing address as the same.

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