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Meet Brooke:


On November 14th, 2016, my family’s world was turned upside down with four words, “There is no heartbeat.” My precious baby Zoë was born beautiful and still in the early hours of November 16th, just a few weeks shy of her due date. After Zoë was born, my husband and I wrapped her in a hand knit blanket lovingly created by her grandmother, my husband’s late mother. We spent many hours snuggling her, kissing her, marveling at her perfect hands and toes, and simply loving her.


Although I cherished every moment I had with my daughter, swaddling her in a blanket that fit her and holding her like any newborn. I took these things for granted until I met Jen and heard her story. Combined with the belief that I still have a responsibility to Zoë as a mother, I am now compelled to help facilitate a similar experience that I had in the hospital for families who endure perinatal loss at any stage of pregnancy.

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